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Lake States Building

During the past few years President Whitt, the BRHS board, and the Archive Committee have challenged the members to provide increased funding for our archives. The membership has responded in an overwhelming fashion. Through generous member donation, we have met our goal to secure designated space at the Lake States Railway Historical Association’s new facility in Baraboo, Wisconsin. During the 36 month campaign undertaken to provide a permanent space for our archives, the membership has impressively provided over $71,000. The board and the archive committee are truly thankful. This has proven to be a very successful first step with, hopefully, many more to come.

Our next step (goal) is to grow the Legacy/Endowment Fund so as to reduce the need for sustaining membership dues to bear the full burden of maintaining the archive efforts. Not only is our new permanent archive space providing for our Burlington history, but we are also

providing a storage area for over stocks of those items sold through the Company Store. This past year, we moved 13 pallets of Company Store materials from various places to our space at the Baraboo facility. We need to guarantee that this space is maintained over the upcoming years.

Our challenge of maintaining and preserving Burlington Route history into the future is our Burlington legacy. You are invited to
be part of this process. It doesn’t require incredible wealth or a vast estate, it merely takes a generous act, thoughtful intention, and planning to make a significant difference.

You can be part of the important work of our historical society, both now and in the future, by including the BRHS Archive Legacy/ Endowment Fund in your gift planning. Bequests, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, Securities and Properties can all be considered within a financial estate plan. While planned

gifts can offer creative and flexible strategies for your estate, the greatest benefit of including the archive fund in your planned giving is knowing you are supporting the preservation of Burlington history. Our archive efforts to date would not have been possible without the thoughtfulness and generosity of some of our deceased members and the careful gift planning of many of our current living members.

For more than 35 years the BRHS has worked to preserve the heritage of the Burlington Route’s railroad history. Please consider being part of this next step by making a generous donation to the Archive Legacy/Endowment Fund. Also, remember that donors who have either made a one time or cumulative donation of $1,000 or more to the Archive Building or Legacy/Endowment funds are given special recognition as Zephyr Club members in our publications.

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Thank You for your Support from 2014 through 2017!

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