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~ Index Files Include Bulletin 58, Zephyr 79 and the 2020 Calendar ~

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BRHS publications
BB Burlington Bulletin
Z Zephyr
C Calendars
DS Data Sheets
RO Red Oak supplement to Zephyr #41
BM I Am A Burlington Man
supplement to 2005 Calendar
FS Condensed Freight Schedules supplement to Bulletin #43
Other Abbreviations Used
+ indicates color photo
BP indicates Builder's photo
CD includes DVD and all other optical or sound discs
CP indicates Company photo
CUS Chicago Union Station
DUS Denver Union Station
DZ Denver Zephyr-Advance Denver Zephyr
MTZ Mark Twain Zephyr
SSS Simulated stainless steel
TCZ Twin Cities Zephyr
TXZ Texas Zephyr


  • All references are to CB&Q equipment unless otherwise specified
  • Equipment is identified by number where known, or class/series where not
  • All equipment roster numbers are based on the CB&Q 1904-5 renumbering system except where the date indicates otherwise
  • Loco classes shown as at 1904, or by wheel arrangement if previously retired, scrapped, etc.
  • Reefer includes insulated box car
  • RPO includes coach-baggage-mail and baggage-mail cars
  • Wreck includes crash, derailment, explosion, etc.
  • Cranes - see also derricks, wreckers Bi-level suburban cars - see gallery cars Company service - see also MOW Maintenance of way - see MOW and Company service
  • Publication references exclude photos of members or models (other than modelling articles
  • Zephyr Question & Answer (Z Q&A) page references show the location of the most recent information