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Burlington Route Historical Society
P.O. Box 456
La Grange, IL 60525

BRHS Online Contact Info

Email contact information is listed below. Please remember to replace the 'at' with a "@" symbol, and remove the spaces for sending an email.

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Membership in the BRHS


Becoming a member of the BRHS is a great way to support the efforts of the society, and you benefit as well.  Also consider giving a gift membership to that Burlington fan who is not already a member!  


Membership entitles a person to all the publications that are published during your term of membership (usually 1 year) and entitles them to vote in the annual business meeting.  Membership also entitles a person to join the BRHSList Yahoo Group (See right column), which is an online emailing list which provides email updates of the current BRHS activities.  There are currently three levels of membership:

  • A Regular membership in the Society is $40.00 per year
  • A Sustaining membership begins at $80.00 per year, $40 is the dues portion, and the other portion ($40 or more) is a tax-deductible donation to the Society
  • A Conductor's Club membership begins at $100 per year, $40 is the dues portion, and the other portion ($60 or more) is a tax-deductable donation to the Society

Please note: Members outside the United States are assessed a postage surcharge. 

Yearly memberships begin on the first day of the current quarter, when dues are received during the first two months of that quarter. Otherwise, membership begins on the first day of the following quarter. Quarters begin January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. 

How to Join

To join the BRHS, or to give a gift membership, you must first complete a membership application and submit a payment of dues.

To join either using your credit card, debit card or PayPal, or via snail mail with a check or money order CLICK HERE .


To renew your BRHS membership CLICK HERE.

The BRHS Mailing List

The BRHS has an online official mailing list which is open to members only. It is only for official Society events & discussion, any general discussion & questions about the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Colorado & Southern, and Fort Worth & Denver railroads should be directed to the following CB&Q list (see below).

The CB&Q Mailing List (unofficial)

The CBQ mailing list is open for anyone interested in the CB&Q - ex-Burlington Route employees, historians, railfans and railroad modelers of the CB&Q, C&S and FW&D railroads & predecessors. Discuss any question, modeling topics, old stories or other items of interest about these railroads and their history. This mailing list is NOT for official BRHS discussion or events, although announcements of BRHS events and meets may be made on the list. Please note: Commercial posts are now allowed on any day and must include the words "Commercial Post" somewhere in the subject line.

Both mailing lists require subscribers to act in a responsible manner, not use profanity, make personal attacks, harass or threaten other members. Those who act in such a manner will be removed immediately from the list(s). As well, chain letters or warnings about virus attacks and so on are not allowed on the lists.