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REGULAR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL= Entitled to one vote, all activities, and all publications during the year.

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP LEVEL = Entitled to one vote, all activities, and all publications during the year and you are recognized as a Sustaining Member in a Burlington Bulletin each year. $40.00 of a Sustaining Membership is the portion that covers basic dues, the additional $40.00 is a tax-deductible donation to the BRHS.

CONDUCTOR'S CLUB LEVEL = Joining at the Conductor's Club level entitles you to one vote, all activities, and all publications during the year and provides a $60 tax-deductable donation to the work of the BRHS. Members a this level will receive special recognition with a special pin to wear and will be recognized in a seperate group in our publications when the Sustaining Members list is published.

SUBSCRIPTION ONLY MEMBER- Librarires, historical societies, museums and other organizations interested in preserving and sharing the Burlington story, while not legally allowed to be voting members, are invited to subscribe to our publications at a price equal to one year's dues.

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DONATIONS = When combined with your annual renewal of $40 or more, donations are tax-deductable.

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