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From Frenchman River Model Works:

The CB&Q Depot at Trenton, Nebraska

See Members Only Section for Details and Order Yours Today!
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History of the Burlington Route
in Hinsdale and nearby locations

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 6:00-8:30PM

Hinsdale Golf Club,140 Chicago Avenue 
Clarendon Hills, IL, 60514

The Hinsdale Collectors Club are excited to welcome Leo Phillipp of the Burlington Route Historical Society to give a presentation on the history of the Burlington Route Railroad in Hinsdale ! He'll discuss pre-railroad transportation, the start & growth of the railroad,local industries served and suburban services offered besides just carrying the passengers on trains.There will also be some discussion of nearby locations to the east and west of Hinsdale. The presentation itself is scheduled for 45 minutes with question and answer following.

Registration is required to attend this event. Registration can be done by writing to Marguerite Guido,223 West Maple Street,Hinsdale,IL 60521 and enclosing a $45.00 check. Dinner is being served at 6:00PM with the presentation following. Business casual dress is required which includes a sport jacket for men. No jeans please.

Your check is your reservation confirmation.
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Zephyr 79
Zephyr 79
         1-7  2019 Yorkville Spring Meet
            8   President’s Corner - New Mbrs
        9-12   Archive Update
          13   The Power of Phototography
      14-18   Recollections
           19   Q in the Outback
       20-23  Modeling a Vinegar Car
            23  Last Call, Contributors, Shops
             24  Where to Write, Call Board
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The CB&Q is the featured railroad at this year's Trainfest and we need volunteers to man the spectacular display.  To help make a good showing, and to help the BRHS reach many new railroad and modeling fans, we need a lot of friendly volunteers to man our display that weekend.  Click Here for more details and a link to the sign-up page. 
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2019 Sandwich Fair
September 4 thru September 8, 2019
For the second year, the Burlington Route Historical Society is presenting our Society to the public at the 131st Sandwich Fair (Dekalb County, IL) from September 4 thru September 8, 2019.
We need volunteer for manning the BRHS Tent. Click Here for details and for the signup.
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Now that the Fall Meet Registrations are in the mail, the online registration is open.  Follow this link to register: 
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The Board of Directors is accepting applications for three Director positions up for election at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Sandwich, IL.  The three incumbants are running for office.  All interested must be members in good standing.  Applicants must submit a resume, stating their interests and any experience which would benefit the BRHS, and meet the following requirements:
  • Must be available to attend 5-6 teleconference Board Meetings annually, more if required
  • Must be able to attend face to face Board Meetings at the Spring and Fall meetings
  • Must be willing to attend and assist in promoting the BRHS at local venues
  • Must be adept in electronic communication, computer and cellular phone skills
If you have the desire to participate at this level of commitment to benefit the BRHS and its' growth, please send your resume to the following address;
Thomas J Whitt
President, BRHS
P.O. Box 1130
Hayward, WI  54843-1130
Applications must be received no later than August 10, 2019.
Those not received by August 10, 2019 will not be accepted.
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Photo Library Menu
Photo Library Menu
Want to search for historical CB&Q photos using keywords like ‘5632’ or ‘Aurora’? Now you can!  A whole new set of features are now available for everyone to search and browse through the thousands of historical photos. You can browse using a full screen ‘grid’ viewing gallery, which optionally can auto advance as a single image slide show.  Or use the category lists with thumbnail images to find a photo you want. Or you can use the powerful search feature to find and scroll through images from the library.  The thumbnail lists of images generated by the search and category features link you to a page where you will see a full-size version of the photo. Below the image you will often see a variety of descriptive information about the photo.  All of the features are as easy to use as a beer can opener.
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Burlington Bulletin #57 Cover
Burlington Bulletin #57 Cover
Watch those mailboxes! BB #57 covering the fan-favorite E5 is on the way as of June 13, 2019!
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Zephyr 78
Zephyr 78
Zephyr 78 LINE-UP
Page Article
 1-10 Quincy Meet Recap
    11 Awards & Recognition
    12 Thank Yous, 2019 Meet Info 
    13 Quincy Meet Contests 
    14 I am a Burlington Man - Forest DuSell
15-21 Recollections - Pete Hedgpeth
22-27 Extinct as a Dodo - Stan Rhine
    28 Chicago Pass. Agents - Jim Christen
    29 - 31 Modeling the Bristol Depot -John Mann
    32 Hawk-eyetems - Bill Ewinger
    33 President’s Corner
    34 System News, Society News
    35 From the Stacks - Jim Singer & P.O. Box 456
36-37 New Members, Q&A
    38 Live with Leo/New Prods
    39 Errata, Classifieds, Last Call, Call Board,
    40 Where to Write - Board