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Burlington Bulletin 59 will be mailing today from our printer in Pontiac, Illinois.  Please remember that this is December and a busy time for the Post Office and we mail at the Bulk, Not-for-Profit rate, so it may take a week or so to get to you.  We hope you will enjoy reading the three-article issue!
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From Frenchman River Model Works:

The CB&Q Depot at Trenton, Nebraska

See Members Only Section for Details and Order Yours Today!
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History of the Burlington Route
in Hinsdale and nearby locations

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 6:00-8:30PM

Hinsdale Golf Club,140 Chicago Avenue 
Clarendon Hills, IL, 60514

The Hinsdale Collectors Club are excited to welcome Leo Phillipp of the Burlington Route Historical Society to give a presentation on the history of the Burlington Route Railroad in Hinsdale ! He'll discuss pre-railroad transportation, the start & growth of the railroad,local industries served and suburban services offered besides just carrying the passengers on trains.There will also be some discussion of nearby locations to the east and west of Hinsdale. The presentation itself is scheduled for 45 minutes with question and answer following.

Registration is required to attend this event. Registration can be done by writing to Marguerite Guido,223 West Maple Street,Hinsdale,IL 60521 and enclosing a $45.00 check. Dinner is being served at 6:00PM with the presentation following. Business casual dress is required which includes a sport jacket for men. No jeans please.

Your check is your reservation confirmation.
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Zephyr 78
Zephyr 78
Zephyr 78 LINE-UP
Page Article
 1-10 Quincy Meet Recap
    11 Awards & Recognition
    12 Thank Yous, 2019 Meet Info 
    13 Quincy Meet Contests 
    14 I am a Burlington Man - Forest DuSell
15-21 Recollections - Pete Hedgpeth
22-27 Extinct as a Dodo - Stan Rhine
    28 Chicago Pass. Agents - Jim Christen
    29 - 31 Modeling the Bristol Depot -John Mann
    32 Hawk-eyetems - Bill Ewinger
    33 President’s Corner
    34 System News, Society News
    35 From the Stacks - Jim Singer & P.O. Box 456
36-37 New Members, Q&A
    38 Live with Leo/New Prods
    39 Errata, Classifieds, Last Call, Call Board,
    40 Where to Write - Board
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We still have a limited number of Soft Cover Books and CD's available for those interested.
CD   Chicago Switching District Directory of Industries   11/1/59  128 pages       $25
CD  Lines East and West Coaling Stations diagram book over 110 diagrams      $25
CD   Alpha and Numerical list of Stations, Spurs, Sidings,etc.  1/1/53                  $20
Soft Cover Books 
Chicago Switching District  Directory of Industries    11/1/59                                $25
Lines East and West Coaling Stations     over 110 diagrams                                $25
Alpha and Numerical list of Stations, Spurs, and Sidings, etc   1/1/53                   $20
Shipping flat rate $6 per order.
Check or money order made Payable to:
BRHS Archives
P.O.Box 456 LaGrange, Il 60525

First come first serve!!
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2019 BRHS Calendar
2019 BRHS Calendar
The 2019 calendar has been mailed to members and is now available to purchase from the Company Store.
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New V.P. of Projects, Greg Baumgardner
New V.P. of Projects, Greg Baumgardner
In the December 2nd BRHS Board of Directors meeting, the board created a new Vice President position, the V.P. of Education and Outreach.  Appointed to the role is current Director and V.P. of Projects, Leo Phillipp.  This position is a logical extension of Leo's excellent "Live With Leo" presentations around the Chicago area, and will provide an opportunity to expand that outreach for the BRHS and the education on the CB&Q.
The board then unanimously appointed Greg Baumgardner to the V.P. of Projects position vacated by Leo's new appointment.  Greg's skill and enthusiasm for modeling and his past management experience will be a great asset in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.  Join us in congratulating both gentlemen for these appointments.
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BRHS Director & V.P. of Projects, Leo Phillipp, has the following presentation dates set.  If you are in the area, be sure to add these to your calendar. The talks are very enjoyable and historically informative.  We also plan on having the BRHS Company Store present for each of these dates:
Weds.Nov 14th, at 7:00PM,
Sponsored by the 20th Century Railroad Club
                                                 Chicago Union Station,Founders Room
                                                 Southwest Corner of the Great Hall

"Batavia's Railroads". Overview of the 3 Railroad  companies and their six lines in Batavia. A look into history,operations and customers of the Burlington, the Chicago and Northwestern, and Chicago, Aurora and Elgin (including the Aurora, Elgin and Fox River div.). Also we'll learn what brought all these rail lines to Batavia. 
       Sunday Nov 4th,at 1:00PM
       Sponsored by the Du Page Division of the NMRA
       St. Paul's UCC Church 
       5739 Dunham Road
       Downers Grove,IL 60516
 An overview of the history of the Burlington in Downers Grove,IL. 1864-1970. Using track charts, Sanborn and plat maps along with photos and internal Q Documents,etc.          
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Burlington Bulletin No. 55 Cover
Burlington Bulletin No. 55 Cover
Coming to a mailbox close to you...Burlington Bulletin No. 55 has been mailed from JPA in Pontiac, Illinois, this afternoon.
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Silver Club in service on the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Duluth, MN.
Silver Club in service on the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Duluth, MN.

The newest car in service on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, which operates between Duluth and Two Harbors, Minnesota, is CB&Q dorm-buffet-lounge car No. 250, the Silver Club. Built for the new California Zephyr by Budd in November of 1948, the car has had quite a journey before ending up on the shores of Lake Superior. The car passed into BN ownership upon the merger before going to Amtrak in 1971. It lasted on Amtrak for about 10 years before being put into storage. Silver Club went into private ownership in 1984 and passed through multiple owners before ending up in Fargo, North Dakota, in the collection of Dirk Lenthe in 1995.

Plans to restore the car had come and gone and by the time it reached North Dakota, the interior was a mess. By about 2012, the windows on the car had been replaced, along with the wheelsets, but not much work had been done on the interior. It was at this time that plans were put into motion to donate the Silver Club to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum for use on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. The first stop on the trip to Duluth was to the Friends of the 261 shop at Minneapolis Junction in Minneapolis in 2016. It was here that most of the restoration would take place.

The car was stripped down to the bare walls in order to remove asbestos and facilitate work on the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. The dormitory area was removed and made into a lounge featuring wood grained walls. The built in seating in the coffee shop and lounge, except for the two booths at the end of the car adjacent to the restrooms, had already been removed prior to the car being donated to the museum. Wood grained walls were also installed in these areas as well. In the dome, the seats were reinstalled in facing pairs with tables in between.

In the lounge area underneath the dome, a large photo of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and harbor area was installed, reminiscent of the cable car scene which was located on the opposite side of that wall. The buffet/bar area is still in place, but have not been restored at this time and are closed off. Also yet to be restored are the restrooms at the lounge end of the car and the steward’s and Zephyrette’s compartments at the dormitory end of the car.

To complete the exterior of the car, new letterboards and nameplates were made and affixed to the car. The letterboards currently read “Burlington,” but there are plans to make new letterboards with “Duluth Zephyr” on one side and “California Zephyr” on the other or something to that effect. With the majority of the restoration work completed, the Silver Club was pressed into service as part of the Milwaukee Road No. 261’s early June 2017 excursions on the Red River Valley & Western Railroad in southeastern North Dakota for the RRV&W’s 30th Anniversary. Needless to say, the car was a hit.
    Silver Club arrived in Duluth in mid-June 2017 and was placed into service on the North Shore Scenic Railroad’s daily Duluth Zephyr excursions. Also in service on the NSSR during the 2017 operating season was CB&Q Vista-Dome No. 558, Stampede Pass, off the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited, giving the NSSR two Q dome cars for passenger use.

After being in service for about a month and half, the Silver Club was sent back to North Dakota in mid-August to the Northern Plains Railroad. NPR was celebrating 20 years of service on their ex-SOO Wheat Line and what better way is there to do so than with an excursion train over the line with a dome car? After four days of excursions on the plains of eastern North Dakota, the Silver Club returned to Duluth to finish out the remainder of the 2017 operating season on the NSSR. As thanks for letting them use the Silver Club on their celebration excursions, the Northern Plains Railroad is paying for the restoration of the restrooms.

The final piece of restoration on the Silver Club is the steward’s and Zephyrette’s compartments. The Lake Superior Railroad Museum has reached out to the BRHS and its members to spearhead the final push for donations to finish the compartments. It is expected to take roughly $5,000-$8,000 to restore these compartments back to their original appearance. These funds will be used for painting, upholstery and flooring work. Since this is car #250, the BRHS has gotten the ball rolling with a donation of $250 and will be matching the first $750 in member donations, for a potential total of $1,000 from the Society itself. If you would like to donate, you may send a check made out to BRHS with “Silver Club” on the memo line to BRHS Silver Club, P.O. Box 31, Superior, WI, 54880-0031.

Restoration work has amounted to almost a quarter of a million dollars to this point and the finish line is in sight. Make plans to visit Duluth and the North Shore Scenic Railroad soon and ride the Silver Club.