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Photo Library Menu
Photo Library Menu
Want to search for historical CB&Q photos using keywords like ‘5632’ or ‘Aurora’? Now you can!  A whole new set of features are now available for everyone to search and browse through the thousands of historical photos. You can browse using a full screen ‘grid’ viewing gallery, which optionally can auto advance as a single image slide show.  Or use the category lists with thumbnail images to find a photo you want. Or you can use the powerful search feature to find and scroll through images from the library.  The thumbnail lists of images generated by the search and category features link you to a page where you will see a full-size version of the photo. Below the image you will often see a variety of descriptive information about the photo.  All of the features are as easy to use as a beer can opener.
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Burlington Bulletin No. 56 COver
Burlington Bulletin No. 56 COver
Bulletin 56 shipped from JPA in today's mail.  This issue is a multi-topic issue with Leo Phillipp's personal accounts of working the Earlville Turn and serving Caterpillar at Montgomery; Rupert Gamlen's three articles on the early Le Mothe iron cars, the early Harvey steel cars and a short biographical piece on Thomas Potter and Henry Stone.
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2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of the BRHS and the 170th Anniversary of the CB&Q. To mark this occasion, the theme of the 2019 BRHS Calendar will be "A Systemwide Look at the Q." Since our calendars feature 14 photos and the Q served 14 states, we have decided to have each month and the cover feature a different state. As such, we are asking you to submit photos for consideration in the calendar. Photos must be of the Q, of high quality that will look good when printed as a full calendar page, and, most importantly, a photo that is yours or from you collection that we would be able to get the rights to. If you have slides, you can send a scan of the slide for consideration and, if selected, you can send the slide to us for high resolution scanning or we can provide the specs we need for the scan. 
So, dig into your files and send your favorite photos from each state the Q served (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Kentucky). Entries can be sent to and should be sent as soon as possible. We would like to start going through the submissions at the beginning of June. 
We also have the calendars through 2023 planned out and one of them is to feature Lines West exclusively.
Any questions, please let us know!
Bryan J. Howell 
BRHS VP Publications
Paul Lindauer
BRHS Calendar Editor