Live! with Leo
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BRHS Director & V.P. of Projects, Leo Phillipp, has
the following presentation dates set.  If you are in
the area, be sure to add these to your calendar. 
The talks are very enjoyable and historically
informative.  We also plan on having the BRHS
Company Store present for each of these dates.

March 2nd - La Grange Adult Ed History Class
                  7 PM -  PM
                  "The Qs Role in LaGrange Growth"
                  Lyons Township High North campus
                  near the Stone Ave Train Station
March 23rd - Waubonsee Community College
                    7 PM
                    "On the Same Track"
                    Aurora and the Burlington Railroad
                    Downtown Aurora Campus
                    18 South River Street
April 21st - Railroad and Shortlines Club of Chicago
                 7:30 PM
                "The Eola Based  Wayfreights of the Q"
                Chicago Union Station-room 107A
                Use the 500 W. Jackson Blvd. entrance.
                Call 312-725-0432 if assistance needed for entry.