Zephyr 81 Distributed
Thu - May 28, 2020 8:26 pm  |  Article Hits:444  |  A+ | a-
Zephyr 81
Zephyr 81
The new electronic Zephyr was distributed via email today.
There were 906 BRHS members with email addresses, of those, one was refused by MailChimp and 54 bounced, so only 861 folks have valid email addresses on the membership database.  If you did not receive an email for the Zephyr today, please email Editor@BurlingtonRoute.org so I can get it entered and forward you a link to the Zephyr.
Then, I must apologize for screwing up twice today with the membership information in the emails.  I am rounding the learning curve with MailChimp and will attempt a correcting email tomorrow.  As a non-profit using their free account, we are limited to 2,000 emails in one day.
I want to thanks our new Zephyr Editors for a job well done our first eZephyr!  I hope you will enjoy it.
Best regards,
Dave Lotz