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BB65 Bulletin # 65
This multi-topic issue begins with a tribute to the late Al Holck, a Burlington author, historian, photographer, genealogist, and consummate gentlemen. This issue’s first article provides the most comprehensive coverage of the tragic head-on collision at Montgomery, Illinois, September 27, 1964, with photos, diagrams, and documents from the CB&Q files. The second article is another in the “I am a Burlington Man” series, it is about M. L. Zadnichek who rose through the ranks of CB&Q management from 1936 until he left the Q in 1969. This two-part article was written by his son Louis Zadnichek and Earl Currie, who recalls his experiences with Zadnichek who was a mentor. The last article covers the events around turning the 5632 for the 100th Anniversary of the completion of the Q’s own Aurora to Chicago line where the 5632 was pained gold.


BB64 Bulletin # 64
Burlington Bulletin No. 64 was mailed from Pontiac, Illinois, on June 10th. This Bulletin is a three-article issue, the first “I Am a Burlington Man – C. J. Miller,” where Earl Currie shares with us the career of Burlington’s retired Aurora Division Superintendent. The second, “Presidential Travel Everywhere West” reports on presidential (and candidate’s) travel over the Burlington by Richard Anderson. The last article, written by BRHS editor, David Lotz, “Music and the Q” presents how music was written for and performed by the Zephyr Chorus, Burlington shop bands, and drum & bugle corps.


BB63 Bulletin # 63
Burlington Bulletin 63 was mailed from Pontiac, Illinois, on April 15. Number 63 is a 76-page 3-topic Bulletin. “Wymore: Bastion of Burlington Branch Lines, Wymore Division Train Registers, Student Ice Capades Excursions – 1960” cover price $25.00. Pete Hedgpeth recalls his experiences as a summer employee on the Wymore Division in 1958 with illustrations provided by the BRHS Archives. In the second article, Pete takes several of the 1959 Q Train Registers from the Archives and gives us an insight into the trains, operations and crews on them. The last article also is a result of the material in the archives covering special trains to the Ice Capades in Lincoln.


BB62 Bulletin # 62
This issue is a product of the BRHS Archives and features Irv Fierstein’s photos of Grand Island, Nebraska that were donated to the Archives. The Archives Volunteers and several others collaborated to assemble a comprehensive coverage of the Burlington in this important connection with the Union Pacific. It is a 60-page issue that includes Irv’s photos, maps, timetable pages, operating data sheets and many other items pertinent to the Q’s operations in and through Grand Island.


BB61 Bulletin # 61
Co-authors Leo Phillipp and David Lotz have assembled a 116-page, single topic Bulletin entitled “Aurora and its Shops – 1900-1974.” This is part 2 of the Aurora Shop story started in Bulletin No.58 published last year.


BB60 Bulletin # 60
This issue is Duncan Cameron’s treatise on “Keokuk,Iowa, the K of the K-Line.“ It is a 106-page issue covering all the lines that started from, and ran through Keokuk. Included are photos, maps, timetable psges and first-hand accounts of riding those lines. Included is a four-page gatefold showing thd rails through Keokuk from the Des Moines River bridge to the lock and dam.


BB59 Bulletin # 59
This Bulletin's 44 pages contain articles on the Early Train Safety Lighting on the "Q" by Al Hoffman, Parsimonious From Scrap to Stock by Rupert Gamlen and Irv Fierstein's Hastings Nebraska.


BB58 Bulletin # 58
The BRHS is celebrating its 40th anniversary along with the 170th anniversary of the Burlington Route Railroad. This 44-page special anniversary edition of the Burlington Bulletin takes us back to "where it all began" as we visit the original Burlington shops in Aurora, Illinois, from the beginning of the shops in 1849 up until 1899. (The shops post-1899 is scheduled for a future issue.) This issue also includes an article on various anniversary celebrations that the Q held over the years.


BB57 Bulletin # 57
Burlington Bulletin 57, “Homage to the E5”, by noted author and historian, J.W. (Bill) Schultz, expands the coverage of the Burlington’s fleet of eleven E5A and five E5B units (the only cabless E-units ever owned by the Q). The issue begins with a brief look at the Electro-Motive diesels that led to the E5 and its contemporaries, helping place the E5's life and times in context with those of the other 186 pre-war E-units. Comprehensive coverage, both in text and photos, of the E5 careers on the Q, C&S and FW&DC are the bulk of the issue. It closes with a brief look at it repatriation at the Illinois Railway Museum and off-ground excursions. This is a perfect-bound, 100-page issue, with 141 B&W images, 21 color images, 6 scale drawings (as built and 1960s versions), ephemera and an updated roster is a must for Burlington, locomotive or passenger fans!


BB56 Bulletin # 56
This 52-page Bulletin contains four article on varied topics: The first is from Leo Phillipp covering his first-hand accounts of working the Earlville Turn and the Montgomery Ill., Caterpillar plant. Rupert Gamlen then fills out the rest of the issue with articles covering the La Mothe Iron Tube cars, which were early metal cars looked at and briefly used by the Q, a brief article on Thomas Potter and Henry Stone, two principal CB&Q company officers directly involved with the iron car experiment, and finally, the story of the Harvey Steel Car Company, which brought about, with the assistance of the Burlington, a revolution in the construction of freight cars.


BB55 Bulletin # 55
Denver Zephyr Act II - Overnight, Every Night - Burlington's 1956 Denver Zephyr: 196 pages, authored by J. W. Schultz. Picking up where Burlington Bulletin #50 left off, this issue of the Bulletin recounts the history of these last true American streamliners, 1956’s vista-dome Denver Zephyr, from their pre-service exhibitions in October 1956, through the March 1970 Burlington Northern merger, and up to their demise at the dawn of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation on May 1, 1971.


BB54 Bulletin # 54
This is another three topic Bulletin featuring Rupert Gamlens "Disaster in the Suburbs" article covering three early 20th century wrecks at Western Springs. Next is Leo Phillipps "Sterling Motor Car" article examining the change from steam passenger operations to a motor car on the Sterling-Shabbona-Serena (Illinois) run. Bringing up the markers is a photo essay of four months in 1959 of the Q in Lincoln from the camera of Irv Fierstein. The photos are from the BRHS Archive and were captioned by Archive Committee member Jim Sandrin. The issue is 68 pages loaded with photos, maps, charts and other illustrations.


BB53 Bulletin # 53
BULLETIN #53 - 3 ARTICLES ON VARIED TOPICS: First author Ronald Schmitt's "The Alton Bridge and the 'Q' connection" provides a history of the Alton (IL) Bridge and the Missouri & Illinois Bridge and Belt Line and its connections to and eventually ownership by CB&Q, Next Steve Holdings "O S BN", takes in-depth look at the entries on a June 29,1964 dispatchers' sheet from the Galesburg & Ottumwa subdivision,. Then, Rupert Gamlen's "Belmont-a Railway Town with a Tunnel", explores Nebraska's only railroad tunnel and explores the nearby towns. 76 pages including a four page Centerfold, 172 B&W and color images and 26 maps, diagrams and ephemera.


BB52 Bulletin # 52
Bulletin # 52 The comprehensive history of the Burlington GP30s from the EMD demonstrators, CB&Q promotion, service on the Q, GP30 locomotive pooling coverage, BN merger, the GP30E & GP30M rebuilds and ending with the Q units that are BNSF's GP39-2R locos. The issue contains 68 pages, with 79 color and 41 black and white photos, ephemera reproductions, CB&Q GP30 roster and scale drawings.


BB51 Bulletin # 51
"Bulletin # 51 Author Leo Phillipp has crafted a series of articles about railroading in Aurora, IL, as experienced by the employees of the CB&Q. Opening with a brief look at the Burlington's hometown, the Bulletin then covers the Shabbona Milk Run, a history and details of the Irish Mail, as well as interesting details about the Geneva Branch. Also covered are articles on the Alley Job (which could provide the basis for a dandy model railroad), the Aurora Storehouse and Freight House. A 4-page center fold-out carries a reduced Q engineering drawing of trackage from the Aurora Shops Coach Yards to the C&I / Mainline junction. The reverse side carries drawings of the Shabbona single stall enginehouse and the Standard CB&Q Motor Car Shed. At 76 pages, it contains 64 historical b&w and 48 color photos; 28 maps and 60 illustrations.


BB50 Bulletin # 50
Bulletin # 50 BRHS's 50th Burlington Bulletin provides a comprehensive history and operations of the 1936 Denver Zephyr, its predecessor the Advance Denver Zephyrs and brief coverage of the trainsets use on the Texas Zephyrs. The text was generously offered and compiled by John W. (Bill) Schultz from chapters in his unpublished Burlington Zephyr history. This perfect-bound issue is 148 pages in length and contains 178 historical black and white and 14 color photos, equipment roster, consists, schedules, floorplans, full-color ephemera reproductions and more.


BB49 Bulletin # 49
Bulletin #49 THE DRI LINE - Contains 114 pages - A comprehensive look at the Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern Railway, a joint CB&Q and Milwaukee Road operation in what is now the Quad Cities. Coverage starts with the creation of the Davenport & Rock Island Railway Bridge Company in 1884 and goes to the merger of the line into the BN and CP in 1995. Full roster data is included along with track diagrams covering the entire line and a look at the industries served. Contains over 280 color/b&w photos and diagrams and 3 fold-outs.


BB48 Bulletin # 48
Bulletin #48 SPECIAL DUTY - BURLINGTON'S FLEET OF SD7s, SD9s and SD24s - Contains 104 pages - Part 2 of a comprehensive look at the QC&S's fleets of EMD SD7s, SD9s and SD24s by David Lotz and Hol Wagner. Coverage also includes modifications made by the Q and the unit's subsequent service for the BN and BNSF. Full roster data and 2 fold-out paint diagrams are featured as well. Contains over 250 color and b&w photos and diagrams.


BB47 Bulletin # 47
Bulletin #47 SPECIAL DUTY - BURLINGTON'S FLEET OF SD7s, SD9s and SD24s - Contains 88 pages - Part 1 of a comprehensive look at the QC&S's fleets of EMD SD7s, SD9s and SD24s by David Lotz and Hol Wagner. Also contains a short segment on Boy Scout Trains to the 1960 Jamboree outside of Colorado Springs. Contains over 170 color and b&w photos and diagrams.


BB46 Bulletin # 46
Bulletin #46 AURORA TRACK ELEVATION - Contains 63 pages - Elevation of the Burlington mainline trackage through Aurora, Illinois by Jerry Hamsmith with input and assistance from Steven Holding. Also includes a look at the opening of the Cicero Automatic Classification Yard.


BB45 Bulletin # 45
Bulletin #45 MODERN AMERICANS - Contains 95 pages - A comprehensive look at the Burlington's A-2 and A-6 class 4-4-0 locomotives by Hol Wagner. Also includes a look at the Burlington's exhibition engines. Contains over 200 color and b&w photos diagrams and a complete class A-2 and A-6 roster.


BB44 Bulletin # 44
Bulletin #44 B&MRR LOCOS - Contains 112 pages - Locomotives of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska including assignments and tonnage ratings, complete all-time roster with renumberings and dispositions, data on B&MR shops and roundhouses, 128 photos, locomotive diagrams, roundhouse plans.


BB43 Bulletin # 43
Bulletin #43 9900 PIONEER ZEPHYR - Contains 48 pages - Includes a reprint of the 1934 Traffic World article. 60+ photos and illustrations.


BB42 Bulletin # 42
Bulletin #42 EXPOSITION FLYER - Contains 263 pages - Detailed history of the train by J.W. Schultz and Hol Wagner. Color and b&w photos and drawings.


BB41 Bulletin # 41
Bulletin #41 Q 537 - Contains 92 pages - First 73 pages on CB&Q #537, the Burlington's best known narrow gauge 2-8-0, with information on the other Black Hills narrow gauge locomotives. Also, 14 pages on Ira Eigsti's Buda, Illinois, with 20 late 1940's, early 1950's photos in and around Buda, located on the Chicago-Galesburg mainline.


BB40 Bulletin # 40
Bulletin #40 THE COLE CREEK DISASTER - Contains 44 pages - all black and white, contains two articles, both related to the severe flooding that hit the Q's Casper Division mainline in Wyoming during summer and fall 1923. The first article covers the rebuilding and relocation of 20 miles of mainline between Bonneville and Lysite, while the second deals with the disastrous wreck of Denver-bound passenger train No. 30 which crashed through a flood-weakened bridge just east of Casper on Sept. 27, 1923.


BB39 Bulletin # 39
Bulletin #39 TRACK INSPECTION - Contains 84 pages - Covers track inspection vehicles: steam inspection locomotives, automotive inspection cars, and rail detector cars. With 155 photos, 43 in color, plans and extensive data on this progression of 20th Century vehicles.


BB38 Bulletin # 38
Bulletin #38 SNOWPLOWS - Contains 120 pages - History, photos and plans of Burlington (including C&S and FW&D) snowfighting equipment, including rotary and Jull plows, wedge pilot and push plows, flangers, spreaders, and the like. Extensive coverage of the Blizzard of 1949 and the plow re-building that followed. A dozen views in full color.


BB37 Bulletin # 37
Bulletin #37 BURLINGTON BOXES (CB&Q two and three story depotdivision office buildings of the 20th century) - Contains 96 pages - CB&Q depotdivision office buildings, covering the structures at Aurora, Galesburg, Davenport, North LaCrosse, Lincoln, McCook, Alliance, Sheridan, and Casper. Includes 140 photos, plus diagrams of each structure.


BB36 Bulletin # 36
Bulletin #36 HAVELOCK BAGGAGE CARS, B. CORBIN REMEMBERED, WESTERN SPRINGS DEPOT - Contains 80 pages - History, photos and plans of the Havelock economy baggage cars, Bernard Corbin biography and photos, and photos and drawings of the Western Springs (Illinois) depot and elevated crossing gate tower.


BB35 Bulletin # 35
Bulletin #35 THE Q IN THE COAL FIELDS OF SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - One of our largest issues ever, contains 256 pages of information and photographs compiled by BRHS member John Mitchell. The issue is solely devoted to the portion of the Beardstown Division south of Centralia that served over 70 coal mines. It includes information on operations, motive power, rolling stock, structures, MOW equipment, people, mines served and a small section on the Paducah & Illinois and the Q's navy!


BB34 Bulletin # 34
Bulletin #34 BURLINGTON'S MALLETS - Focused around the South Dakota area in conjunction with our 1998 Annual Meet in Deadwood. It includes 50 pages on the CB&Q Mallets locomotives, the T1, T2 and T3s; 20 pages on the Cambria Branch line by Mel McFarland; and a 20-page article on the Spearfish Combine.


BB33 Bulletin # 33
Bulletin #33 THE S-4 HUDSONS - Contains 164 pages covering the entire roster of the 3000 and 4000 series S-4 and S-4A class locomotives with history, photos, roster, operations and details.


BB32 Bulletin # 32
Bulletin #32 SUGAR BEETS - Contains 76 pages of comprehensive history and photos of one of the largest seasonal traffic sources on Lines West and on the C&S. Includes 60 full color photographs!


BB31 Bulletin # 31
Sorry, this item is no longer available.
Bulletin #31 BRIDGEPORT, NEBRASKA - Contains 48 pages of history and photos of a Q junction point and roundhouse location, and the story of John Fischer, a locomotive painter hired in 1926, who worked in the Lincoln roundhouse until 1974.

BB30 Bulletin # 30
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Bulletin #30 IOWA NARROW GAUGE - Contains 80 pages of comprehensive history and photos of the Iowa narrow gauge branch lines that ran from Burlington to Washington and Winfield to Oskaloosa, with a special section of Charles Franzen's photographs in Washington.

BB29 Bulletin # 29
Bulletin #29 Q CONSOLS - Contains 68 pages of history, roster, photos, diagrams of the Consolidation type steam locomotives.


BB28 Bulletin # 28
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Bulletin #28 BILLBOARD REEFERS - Contains 64 pages of history, photos, paint and lettering diagrams of ice reefers sub-leased to and painted for shippers on the Burlington in the 1933-1934 era.

BB27 Bulletin # 27
Bulletin #27 THE O'NEIL BRANCH - Contains 68 pages of history and photos of the Nebraska branch line built as the Pacific Short Line. Also history, photos, drawings of railroad scales and the cars used to calibrate those scales.


BB26 Bulletin # 26
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Bulletin #26 BURLINGTON SHOPS - Contains 96 pages of comprehensive history and photos of the main back shops of the CB&Q.

BB25 Bulletin # 25
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Bulletin #25 STOCK CARS AND LIVESTOCK TRAFFIC - Contains 136 pages of history, photos, drawings, roster of all Burlington stock cars and associated facilities, including drovers cars and passenger service horse cars.

BB24 Bulletin # 24
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Bulletin #24, BURLINGTON BUSES - Contains 80 pages of history and photos of the various bus lines affiliated with the Burlington. Also history and photos of the dynamometer test cars.

BB23 Bulletin # 23
Bulletin #23 BURLINGTON, IOWA - Heart of the CB&Q, is available as a reprint. It contains 124 information packed pages of the history of the Burlington Railroad as it relates its namesake city, Burlington. Over 240 photos, along with trackage diagrams and drawings complete this comprehensive history. A MUST for any Burlington library!


BB22 Bulletin # 22
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Bulletin #22 TRAINS OF THE GODS AND GODDESSES - Available as a reprint, contains 56 pages of history, photos, rosters and diagrams of the seven car articulated trainsets first used as the Second Twin Cities Zephyr, and later as the Nebraska Zephyr. Also includes "OS Creston," a look at trains and dispatching in and out of Creston, Iowa, on April 5, 1949.

BB21 Bulletin # 21
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Bulletin #21, THE "COLORADO" TYPES(2-10-4's)

BB20 Bulletin # 20
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Bulletin #20 COVERED HOPPERS - Contains 64 pages of history, photos, roster, paint and lettering styles of all Q hopper classes.

BB19 Bulletin # 19
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BB18 Bulletin # 18
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Bulletin #18 Wreckers and steam shovels & Bernard Corbin's favorite photos

BB17 Bulletin # 17
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Bulletin #17 Office Cars

BB16 Bulletin # 16
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BB15 Bulletin # 15
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Bulletin #15 THE SSS CHAIR CARS Burlington Bulletin No. 15 was published in January 1986. This 38-page issue contains an excellent article written by CB&Q authority J.W. "Bill" Schultz on the CB&Q's SSS Chair Cars. The main article is 20 pages containing photos, diagrams and scale drawings. A second article written by F. Hol Wagner on the Burlington's Bomber box is 13 pages long and also has photos diagrams and a 3-page foldout.

BB14 Bulletin # 14
Bulletin #14 AEOLUS - Available as a reprint, contains 40 pages of history, photos and diagrams of CB&Q's S-4-A Hudsons Nos. 4000 and 4001 by F. Hol Wagner, which featured streamlined shrouding for service as backup power for the early Zephyrs. Information about the locomotives before and after their stints as AEolus are included along with brief details on the Q's rebuilding and modernization of the S-4 class of locomotives (further covered in BB#33). A second article on the Q's Nebraska City Bridge by Michael M. Bartels is also included in this issue.


BB13 Bulletin # 13
48 page Bulletin #13 SHOVELNOSES - Available as a reprint, contains history, photos, roster and diagrams of the early custom built, stainless steel articulated Zephyr trains and non-articulated Zephyr locomotives, numbers 9900 through 9908.


BB12 Bulletin # 12
52 page Bulletin #12 REEFERS - Available as a reprint, contains history, photos, roster, paint and lettering styles of the wood and steel ice refrigerator cars of the BREX and MNX. Includes mechanical reefers and insulated boxcars.


BB11 Bulletin # 11
40 page Bulletin #11 CRESTON, IOWA - Available as a reprint, contains a comprehensive history and photos of the Central Iowa division point.


BB10 Bulletin # 10
44 page Bulletin #10 E-UNITS - Available as a reprint, contains a history, photos, roster, paint and lettering styles of the EMD E-units.


BB09-8-6-5 CD-ROM 5-6-8-9
Sorry, this item is no longer available at the Company Store.
Out Of Print Burlington Bulletin Nos. 5, 6, 8, & 9 Available On This Single CD-ROM.

BB09 Bulletin # 09
34 page Bulletin #09 SENECA, NEBRASKA was the beginning of a series covering stations along the Burlingotn Route. Seneca, Nebraska, has features that make it both typical of small towns on Lines West and unique in its own right as a small division point. Currently out of print.


BB08 Bulletin # 08
40 page Bulletin #08 RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE ON THE BURLINGTON deals with railway mail service on the Burlington and includes a little something for everyone. Nearly all periods are dealt with, from 1860 through 1970, and specific subject matter includes equipment, operations, personnel and even RPO postmarks. In addition to numerous exterior and interior views of RPO cars through the years, there are action photos of trains from the steam, motor car and diesel eras. Plans included range from detailed scale drawings to diagrams and cover wooden, steel and stainless steel equipment. Currently out of print.


BB07 Bulletin # 07
28 page Bulletin #07 CLASS XM-32 STEEL BOXCARS - Available as a reprint, contains history, photos, roster, paint and lettering styles of the 1937 AAR design boxcar.


BB06 Bulletin # 06 Expanded Ed
64 page Bulletin #06 CENTER CABS has been reprinted and expanded from 28 pages as printed in 1982, to include 41 color photos not in the original, period articles, advertisements plus much more!


BB05 Bulletin # 05
24 page Bulletin #05 THE DENVER SHOPS Contains the history and photos of the CB&Q-C&S Locomotive Shops. Currently out of print.


BB04 Bulletin # 04
36 page Bulletin #04 GRAYBACKS AND 6100'S - Available as a reprint, contains history, photos, roster, diagrams, paint and lettering styles of the F-units photos and roster plus photos and diagrams of the 6100 series heavyweight coaches.


BB03 Bulletin # 03
16 page Bulletin #03 CLASS T-2 2-6-6-2'S - Contains history, photos, diagrams of the class T-2 2-6-6-2 mallets, with a section on gas electric operations and costs (from Railway Age 22831). Currently available in the Special Edition soft cover. See Product Code BBse1 below.


BB02 Bulletin # 02
16 page Bulletin #02 THOSE ALCO-GE SWITCHERS - Contains history, photos and diagrams of the Alco-GE S-2 diesel switchers. Currently available in the Special Edition soft cover. See Product Code BBse1 below.


BB01 Bulletin # 01
16 page Bulletin #01 DINKIES IN TRANSITION - Contains photos, schedules, advertisements of the transition from steam to diesel on Chicago suburban operations. Currently available in the Special Edition soft cover. See Product Code BBse1 below.


A BBse01 SE Bulletin # 01-3
52 page Special Edition is a reprint of Bulletins #01 through #03 and is available for purchase