The Burlington Zephyrs

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  The most famous (and largest) fleet of streamliners in the United States was the Burlington's Zephyrs. From the original Zephyr's introduction to service on November 11, 1934, to the flagship Denver Zephyr, the stainless steel speedsters epitomized train travel.


Below is a list of all the Burlington Route's Zephyrs with links to their own page.

Our intent is to expand these with photographic images, drawings and a history of each train's service.

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The Burlington Zephyr (aka the Pioneer Zephyr)
Trains 20 & 21 between Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO
Inaugurated November 11, 1934

The Twin Zephyrs (aka the Morning Zephyr and the Afternoon Zephyr)
Trains 21-24 between Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul
Inaugurated December 18, 1936

The Mark Twain Zephyr
Trains 43 & 44 between St. Louis and Burlington
Inaugurated October 28, 1935

The Denver Zephyr
Trains 1 & 10 between Chicago and Denver
Inaugurated November 7, 1936

The Nebraska Zephyr
Trains 11 & 12 between Chicago, IL and Lincoln, NE
Inaugurated November 16, 1947

The Sam Houston Zephyr
Trains 3 & 4 between Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth
Inaugurated October 1, 1936

The Ozark State Zephyr
Trains 29 & 30 between Kansas City and St. Louis
Inaugurated December 20, 1936

The General Pershing Zephyr
Trains 32 & 33 between Kansas City, MO and St. Louis, MO
Inaugurated April 30, 1939

The Silver Streak Zephyr
Trains 20 & 21 between Kansas City, Omaha and Lincoln
Inaugurated April 15, 1940

The Ak Sar Ben Zephyr
Trains 3 & 30 between Lincoln and Chicago
Inaugurated December 11, 1940

The Zephyr-Rocket
Trains 8 & 15 between St. Louis and St. Paul-Minneapolis
Inaugurated January 7, 1941

The Texas Zephyr
Trains 1 & 2 between Denver and Ft. Worth-Dallas
Inaugurated August 22, 1940

The California Zephyr - (Goes to California Zephyr Virtual Museum, not a BRHS page)
Trains 17 & 18 between Chicago, IL and Oakland, CA
Inaugurated March 20, 1949

The American Royal Zephyr
Trains 55 & 56 between Chicago and Kansas City
Inaugurated February 1, 1953

The Kansas City Zephyr
Trains 35 & 36 between Chicago and Kansas City
Inaugurated February 1, 1953

Zephyr 9902
Trains 2 & 5 between Chicago and Ottumwa then Chicago and Hannibal
Inaugurated 1945 (Ottumwa), 1947 (Hannibal)