Two New Web Site Enhancements
Announcements  |  Tue - September 1, 2020 7:15 pm  |  Article Hits:396  |  A+ | a-
There are two enhancements to the BRHS web site to announce. One is with the Publications Index Search Page and the other is for the Photo Library Search Page.
Publications Index Search Page  

Photo Library Search Page
Today the Publications Index Page has a new look and more features to help visitors locate articles and stories that have been published by BRHS.  Gone is the intermediate web page that contained links to the search and the list of items in the Publications database.

From the Publications menu visitors now travel directly to the keyword search page for the Publications Index. The keyword search page now delivers both what the search and the list web pages did in the past. Features added are the ability to filter your search to a specific publication. The scope of the keyword search has been extended to the item number. File 'Notes' are now located above the results in a 'show/hide' collapsing window.  The MS Word and the MS Excel files that visitors may download are now tucked in under the search options form.

We have also enhanced the BRHS Photo Library Search Page. The look of the search page is a little more clear and defined. Functionally, two new filters have been added. One filter is for the 'pre' vs. 'post' 1970 merger and the other is to select color or black and white. Users can also control the order of the search results by selecting one of five different sorts. 

We have also made more prominent the instructions that only ONE keyword is allowed. When two ore more keywords are entered, they are likely to be ignored. If a user enters '2918' as a keyword, the photos of steam engine '2918' will be returned. If you enter '4-6-2' all steam engines documented with that wheel arrangement are returned.