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Bulletin 57 shipped on 06/13/19  MORE
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The Society has reproduced a CB&Q No Trespassing sign and are available for sale. The sign is 11" x 17" printed on card stock type paper that matches the original's in thickness and color. They will be shipped rolled up in a tube.

These posters were placed at hundreds of locations across the Q system during the 60's and later, where management experienced safety and property damage issues due to trespassers.  MORE
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The latest car project features 4 different HO models of the XM-25/26 box car in CB&Q, FW&D and C&S road numbers  MORE
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CD of 45 issues of the CB&Q's Burlington Bulletin  MORE
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The 2017 Calendar has been mailed to members and is now available in the Company Store.   MORE